Pantheon is a much awaited techno extravaganza, which is a highly sought after inter-collegiate technical competition exclusively for civil Engineering students all over India, extended by ICI CET student's chapter in association with ICI Trivandrum Chapter on October 26 and October 27, 2018, at College of Engineering,Trivandrum. This is a well organised platform for all the civil engineering aspirants out there to realize your talents and unleash your true potential. Here, a participant is tested of their abilities, skills, spontaneity, technical know-how and art of creativity for various fortuity, which may prevail you ahead of your journey. Greet your biggest dreams, showcase your creativity, prove your mantle and you will be rewarded with exciting cash prizes. Imprint your presence, pocket exciting cash prizes and make this experience a paragon of virtue.


The Indian Concrete Institute chapter was opened in College of Engineering Trivandrum in 2013, for the nurturing of budding civil engineers. In 2018 ICI CET Chapter won the BEST STUDENTS CHAPTER award and in 2015 won the BEST EMERGING CHAPTER award. It has acted as a platform where ideas are shared, theories are questioned and classroom knowledge is challenged. Talks by experts in the civil engineering field are frequently arranged, which have proved to give the students not only technical knowledge but also valuable insights into the professional world that help them to choose their career paths. The industrial visits that are arranged in and outside the city have turned the textbooks and pictures into reality for the students. Competitions always sharpen the edges and elevate talents and that is what we have achieved through the competitions that we have arranged within the chapter. Now we are ready to take it up to the next level and widen the horizon through our new venture, Pantheon.


Green Pantheon is an initiative which attempts to bring about a paradigm shift in engineering vis-a-vis our role as responsible stewards as opposed to negligent trustees of the environment. There is a need to trigger a change in the existing mindset towards pollution prevention and pollution remediation. This can be accomplished by spreading awareness on environmental ethics. With this objective in mind, we would like to introduce Pantheon 5.0 with "GREEN PROTOCOL CET". We hope to set out on this mission of sustainable development by focussing primarily on preventing the use of disposables and switching to reusable alternatives like glass, porcelain cutleries, stainless steel, paper etc in its place. Green Protocol has deservedly captured the imagination of the state. We hope this will resonate as deeply with the participants of Pantheon. Paying heed to the motto of Pantheon, "Engineers for Sustainability", we are on our way to spark a revolution. We believe change begins at home and therefore, we welcome you all to this year's Pantheon, green in every which way, with great pride. We count on your support to bring this to fruition.


Event X

Talent makes winners but teamwork and intelligence make champions. Then this is the place to be, bring it in the right curiosity, intellect and senses and set it alight and make your team win. Pantheon presents the flagship...


Best Engineer

Presenting to you the whopper of Pantheon 5.0! A call to action to all the engineers in the making.It's time to spruce up your engineering skills.Showcase your technical prowess and draw on your... .


Build My City

Every day is a chance to make this city a little better” With a PC in front and ideas in mind, build a city in your dreams. Introducing BUILD MY CITY, an event based on the game SIMCITY.


Eleventh Hour

The hour will be doled out to you much like the way water comes out of a leaky tap - scarce , sanctioned and never enough. If you have a habit of wriggling out of tight situations then this is your place...



Awaken the Sherlock in you. Do you like being the smartest one in the room? Be one step ahead of the players and catch the culprit before time runs out. PS, Make sure you've all the evidences in hand.


Stake Out

Stake out your engineering process. A game to lit up your surveying and planning skills. It's time to gear up your plans to fit into our space. In association with Pantheon '18, we present Stake out.



Build up from scratch to erect the structure that lasts. All it calls for is a touch of creativity and innovation to put together the resources at your disposal to raise a structure that stands tall.If you think your work can match up...



Select a topic. Get to the bottom. Research, involve yourself in a topic. Be an expert. Finally, convince others that you are. The podium is all set for you. Believe in your skills and unleash the speaker in you.



Think you're good at piecing together clues? Or just wanna have fun working things out? Welcome to the Coliseum. A general quiz with a focus on sustainability.



Live @ Railway by Indian Railway

Let's unite to forge the rails of railway and pave way towards a safer and sustainable system. Come and be the spike in our national lifeline and to etch their names in the script of our glorious future.experience...


Cost Effective Construction Techniques by Costford

Ever wanted to build something cool ? Join us to unleash the myths behind cost effective construction techniques. A two day workshop where we offer the participants...


Mix Design by Ultra Tech

Mix match and remix to find the perfect commingle ! Let's start with the basics. All it calls for is a pair of deft hands and engineering acumen to mould concrete.Come, avail the opportunity to up your concrete game and learn the nuances of mix design through...


Autodesk Revit

Software to design a building and structure and its components in 3d, annotate the model with 3D drafting elements, and access building information from the building models database.



A 3D modeling computer program for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, flm and video game design


Project Management Workshop

On creating deep indusrty on the responsibilities of associates on any construction project that provides you with an ideal skillset for distinguished qantity surveyor.


Online Events


Lacaza is back in action. It Ensures Interguing and fascinating journey out the game. Are you raedy to face the most intellectual virtual game with unexpected twist and huge amount of fun?!



There is no cure to the insatiable lust for light and shadows, the hunger for hues and an awe for frozen frames, you only fire it up. THREE THEMES, THREE WEEK. LET YOUR LENSES SPEAK, LET TIME CEASE!!!

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few seats available for "LIVE @ INDIAN RAILWAY" and "COST EFFECTIVE CONSTRUCYION TECHNIQUES". Contact for more information.

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